SINCE 2014

We have been serving the the local community and providing a stage for musicians and artists of all mediums for over 5 years.

Our mission has always been to provide a safe space for patrons and an accessible space for artists. In well over 1,000 events, several thousand individual performers have graced the stage at ALPHAVILLE. From every stage of development, from just starting out to internationally-famed. We have hosted local artists from the neighborhood, as well as touring performers from dozens of countries across 6 continents.

From day one, the venue has endeavored to keep accessibility to artists at a maximum, and every dollar paid entry to our events, save for the direct wages for workers necessary to host the event, has gone directly to those artists.

Our bar and kitchen staff are what enables us to do this. Without them, this kind of place simply could not, and would not exist.

Needless to say, with the COVID-19 crisis, all of this is at grave risk of continuing, for every venue space like ours.

Our economy, and our business in particular, has no means of providing a safety net for our workers in a situation like this. They are all quite literally at risk of surviving.

There's no sign of government assistance in sight. They need your help.

Please, if you are able, use one of the options below to donate directly to the staff.

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